Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter is Here!

Most RSU students are already at home, enjoying the holiday break! Some of us are still on campus, whether it's for work, an intersession class, or a sport. I've been at RSU the last week for both an intersession class and for work. So, today will be my first day of break, and I am beyond ready! It will be nice to be lazy for a least a little while, before coming back to start the second semester.

I don't know about you, but I always have to set a few goals for break... otherwise I'll sleep the entire time! At the very least, I'd like to...

1. Knit one project
2. Read two new books books
3. Reread one book
4. Watch one full season of a show on Netflix
5. Draw/paint one piece of artwork

When classes start back up in a few weeks, I'll let you know what I accomplished! For the break, you should create a goal list for yourself, or at least pick up a new hobby!

Peak of the Week: In my intersession class, when we got to teach each other about video games and websites we enjoy!

Have a great break!

Gabby G.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Balancing Classes and Honors

Usually students have more responsibilities than only keeping up with classes, whether it be work, student organizations, athletics, or a scholarship program. Keeping up with school can be hard enough, so when you add even more on top of that, it can certainly be a challenge. As a part of the Honors Program, I have various expectations I must meet. I must maintain a 3.25 GPA, volunteer at least 25 hours a semester, and participate in various Honors and RSU events. In addition to Honors, I'm very involved in our Student Theatre Organization and the Theatre Program. Between these responsibilities and work, sometimes it can be a lot to balance, but it certainly can be done!

If you're planning on being very involved, but still want to work, then I highly recommend finding a student worker position on campus. While many jobs may be hard to work around classes, working at RSU gives you a very flexible schedule. It will be understood that classes are a priority, and you'll never be asked to put work above school. Also, many RSU offices are only Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. While this may restrict how many hours you are able to work, it is also nice to never work in evenings or on the weekends. For me, this gives me a perfect schedule to reserve evenings for homework and theatre, and then weekends for volunteering.

Even with a great work schedule, I sometimes get super busy! Sometimes class work seems to pile up and there never seems to be enough hours in the day for homework. For me, I always try to have my reading or study materials with me, so if I have a bit of time through out the day, I can get some of it done. Smaller chunks here and there are much more manageable than trying to get it done at the end of the day.

Also, it's super important to try to stay organized. For me, this is especially difficult because I'm a very scattered person. I highly recommend having some sort of planner. I keep a google calender on my phone with my class and work schedules and all the various places I need to be. It's really helpful to be able to look at your week and see it broken down hour by hour. I've tried to keep it all in my head, and I promise, it's nearly impossible!

I really recommend finding some sort of group to be a part of in college! It's a great way to make friends and really enjoy school.

Peak of the Week: Stage Managing for Decision Height and finally getting to see the cast in their costumes, hair, and makeup! I love seeing the styles of the 40's, especially the hair!

Pic of the Week: My favorite little tree by Markham Hall! It's leaves fell perfectly.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Meet My Roommates

Moving to Rogers State I was skeptical about how living on a college campus was going to be. When I found out I would have three other roommates I was also a little worried about getting along with them. Little did I know I would soon be best friends with these three guys and now three years down the line we are still living together. It was easy getting to know each other since we were all members of the RSU soccer team. They are all great guys and I am sure we will continue our friendship when the time comes to leave Rogers. There is never a dull moment in our dorm, and I think everyone who comes by would agree.  Our dorm is known as the international dorm since three out of four of us are from different countries. Kevin and I are from Dublin, Ireland. Mitchel is from Newcastle, England, and Nathan is from Texas. So lets get to know them.

Mitch in his Giraffe onesy  
I will start with Mitchell. Mitch as we call him is probably the most simplistic man I have ever met. From his personality, to the food he eats. He is one simple lad and we love him for it. Mitch is known as the old man in the room, he likes his peace and quiet and doesn’t like the rest of us being too loud. His daily meals consist of completely fried food loaded with ketchup. Ketchup is the core of his life; every meal and snack Mitch will have it loaded with ketchup (makes me sick). He is afraid to try new food. He came to America at the age of eighteen and had never tried bacon, eggs, or even a banana.  I could keep going with that list but it would take to long.  He lived in England all of his life until he moved to RSU. He is a Business major and hopes to get a job in the USA after college.  When I asked Mitch what his favorite thing about RSU was he simply replied “the soccer facilities”.

Nate posing for a selfie
Nathan was born and raised in Texas; he has a Hispanic background so he can speak both English and Spanish. Nate is probably the exact opposite to Mitch. He tends to be a little loud and loves to annoy the English man. When it comes to food, he tends to be on the healthier side.  The only requirement for each of his meals is that he must have peanut butter involved.  Nate is a sport enthusiast, he breads fitness and soccer. This is Nate’s fourth year in Rogers State, and he is now pursuing a Business degree. When I asked Nate what his favorite thing about RSU was he said “I love the campus, especially the athletic facilities”.

Kev enjoying the outdoors 
Last but not least is Kevin. Kev and I got to know each other a year before we came to America so we have been through a lot together. We are usually just known as the Irish rather than Kev and Niall. When it comes to food there are no limits with this lad. He can be mistaken for a garbage disposal because he will eat anything. The only thing I have ever seen him dislike oddly enough is cookie dough.  Both coming from Dublin we have been able to adapt to a new culture together, so settling in was definitely easier for both of us. Kev is pursuing a fitness management degree here at the university and hopes to own his very own gym one day. I asked Kev what his favorite thing about RSU is and he replied in a joking tone “the people, because they talk to me”.

When we are not working, in class, or at practice my roommates and I are usually in our dorm hanging out. Usually drinking tea sent from home. They have made my 
college experience unbelievable and I have a lot of great memories with these guys.

The four of us before a game

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall Fun!

Fall is my favorite season, but this time of year marks the beginning of a lot of stress. Finals are quickly approaching as the semester winds down. However, that doesn't mean that fun has to stop! There are so many fun things to do around campus, in the community, or even in your dorm room!

Around Halloween, the entire campus is buzzing with fun activities! There is a Zombie Prom, a door decorating contest, and even Mental Wealth Day is thrown in the mix! With so many options, everyone is sure to find something that interests them to get involved in and make a few new friends.

This year I decided to participate in the yearly event of Humans Vs. Zombies (or HvZ) hosted by the CIA or Christians in Action group on campus. Everyone starts out as a human (identified by a bandanna around the arm), except for one person who is the OZ, or Original Zombie. Zombies (identified by a bandanna around the head) try to tag all of the humans, making them zombies as well. Humans try to stay alive, and shoot the zombies with nerf guns or socks to stun them. The game starts on a Sunday at 8 pm, and runs until Thursday at 8 pm. It's 24 hours a day, which means even walking to class you're fair game! You're only safe inside the buildings. So far, it's been a blast. I don't always have time to participate in all of the missions, but I'm glad I signed up!

While running around with nerf guns is fun, it's nice to have some calm and more creative fun as well. Last Saturday, my honors volunteer group went over to Rogers County Youth Services and had a fun Fall/Halloween themed day. We carved/painted pumpkins, made popcorn balls, toasted pumpkin seeds, and we played tons of games. It was the perfect Fall day! Plus, it was all perfect activities for a dorm room as well. With popcorn, a fun Halloween themed movie, and some Uno cards, you can easily have a fun get together with all of your friends.

So, don't let class stress get you down too much. Make sure to go out and do something fun every once in awhile too!

Embarrassing Moment of the Week: At the Honors/PLC Halloween party we played the body parts game, and I couldn't find my partner and was out first. And my partner was Waldo.

Pic of the Week:

Here is a photo taken by Michael Robinson from our upcoming play, Decision Height. It's about women air force pilots in World War II. I just love their costumes so much and can't wait for everyone to see play!

Gabby G.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Transitioning from Ireland to America

The heat!! That was the first thing I remember about arriving in America. Stepping off the plane at Tulsa airport was the moment I realized that it was going to be awhile before I would adapt to the climate. I had come from a comfortably cool, wet climate and after a nine-hour flight I felt like I had stepped into an oven.
            After some time living here I was happy to learn that adapting to the climate would be my biggest struggle. Everything seemed to be much easier than I expected. Still there are plenty of cultural differences that took some getting use too. I was taken back by the size of everything over here. The roads are much wider, the majority of vehicles are much larger, and of course the food portions are double what you would usually get in Ireland (not complaining). The country as a whole is huge; one of my first college soccer games was a six-hour drive. To get from one side of Ireland to the other would usually take about four-hours so travelling for that long was not something I was accustomed to.

            Thinking back I feel sorry for the people who tried to speak to me the first few months I was here. I am sure they had a tough time understanding me. Back then I spoke much quicker and spoke words that only people from Ireland would understand. Since then I have adapted to some southern lingo and have slowed down when I speak so people don’t look at me with a blank stare when I say something.
            Not seeing my family and friends on a daily basis obviously took some getting use to. It is a strange feeling when the people that know you most are not around. Fortunately I met a lot of great people in my first few weeks here, everybody was so friendly and helpful. Skype and Facebook help things as well, I am always kept up to date with everything that is going on at home.

            So the transition from Ireland to America really wasn't too bad. Both being English speaking countries made everything a whole lot easier. The welcoming Oklahoma's have made me feel right at home. I miss Ireland a lot but I am loving my time in the US. I look forward to seeing what the future holds and where I will end up, but until then I will enjoy my time here and carry on my pursuit of getting used to the heat. 

Challenge of the Week

My challenge for you is to learn a new recipe from a different country and attempt to make the dish. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Meet My Roommates

Hey everyone! As you may have heard, living on campus is one of the best ways to make friends and be involved at RSU. For me, it has certainly proved to be true! My roommates have become my closest friends, and I love having them around. Being away from home can be challenging, and it's wonderful to always have someone to lean on. We study together, have fun together, and sometimes even cry together (over both good and bad). So this week, the spotlight is on them!

Carly Peterson

Major: Accounting
Interesting Fact:Peanut butter makes her hyper, and she is allergic to grape juice.
Worst Fear: Frogs.

Carly is a model student. She is sometimes known to have her homework done before it's even assigned. Her strong subjects are math and science. She enjoys puns, dumb jokes, and watching Youtube videos of people falling.

Ashlyn Karst

Major: Accounting
Interesting Fact: Her favorite food is bread and her favorite musical is Chicago.
Worst Fear: Seeing, hearing, or reading about vomiting.

Ashlyn is a terrific dancer, and even performed in RSU's Got Talent last year. She loves The Wizard of Oz and played Dorothy in the ballet performance at her dance studio her senior year in high school. She is known to climb on furniture when she is hyper.

Hayley Gipson

Major: Corporate Communications
Interesting Fact: She enjoys creating dance moves and rarely goes to bed before 2 am.
Worst Fear: People accidentally falling out of windows.

Hayley is an energetic and sarcastic person. One of her favorite hobbies is writing and performing skits in our dorm room. She is the only person in our dorm that hasn't become addicted to coffee (yet). She loves Dr. Who and and Sherlock Holmes.

Together, the four of us make a pretty crazy group!

Peak of the Week: Figuring out what I want to do for my art project!
Challenge of the Week: College algebra.

Gabby G.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Meet My Roommates

Living on campus at RSU, is full of surprises and excitement thanks to the students and especially my roommates. From left to right, meet Bryce Hall, and Kyler and Kasey Ng (let's not forget Allan photo-bombing in the background).

These three fine gentlest of men and myself are recipients of the same scholarship program called The President's Leadership Class (PLC). Bryce, Kasey, and I are seniors this year, while little baby Kyler is just a sophomore. As you can tell from the names Kasey and Kyler are brothers. These two hooligans are best friends who rarely, if ever, bicker or fight. Bryce is the man with the golden southern voice and if you travel to Salina, you will hear him announcing at the Salina Highbanks Speedway. Kyler is a goofy little squirt, too smart for his own good. This year he became part of RSU Men's Basketball team earning him the nickname "Asian Persuasion". Kasey is a passionate outdoorsman who competes in triathlons. If he isn't working on homework he is either out riding his bike or tinkering on it in his room. 
Having roommates this awesome is a blessing and a curse. The late night living room conversations are wonderful until the eight o'clock class rolls around, but I wouldn't change it for anything. The opportunity I have to live with such a diverse and motivated group of men is only possible because of RSU. 

Peak of the Week: PLC's Fairest on the Hill (a fake beauty pageant) is this week and I get to emcee for it.
Challenge of the Week: PLC's Fairest on the Hill (a fake beauty pageant) is this week and I get to emcee for it. Hopefully I don't screw the pooch on this.
Quote of the Week: "It's not about making others laugh. It's about making yourself laugh"
-Austin Jobes